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Miriam Staley

public speaking coach, leadership speaker,
event emcee, communication specialist

Leading Communications

With her background in TV and event hosting, Miriam's approach and dynamic stage presence take her far beyond traditional event moderation and speaking. She was one of five finalists on the first series of The Apprentice on the BBC, demonstrating her charm, personable nature and power of influence. Building on her degree in modern languages and fascination with what creates powerful and effective communication, Miriam has spent the last fifteen years supporting leaders and colleagues from startups to the largest and most innovative companies in the world, enhancing their ability to craft meaningful presentations and tell more powerful stories.

Whether Miriam is delivering one of her signature keynote speeches, engaging audiences as event host and MC, running a deep-dive workshop, or working 1:1 with aspiring speakers and corporate presenters, she is committed to enabling leaders and organisations to find their voice, hone their message, and deliver their stories with gravitas and credibility.

Dynamic Event Host

Conference Event MC

There are a huge number of benefits that are proven time and time again at conferences and events when a professional facilitator is brought into the mix. Miriam works closely with each client to ensure that:

  • The threads of the whole event are brought together and there is continuity across all the sessions when a variety of speakers and experts are being brought in to run different parts of the programme
  • There is the ability to refer back to messages and learnings from previous discussions and workshops, and to re-examine them in the light of new insights and revelations
  • She creates an environment of trust, intimacy and vulnerability where the whole group feel guided and nurtured throughout a conference or event
  • Pace, high energy and appropriate interaction is maintained
  • The holistic objectives for the whole programme are met

Her star-studded performances include hosting a live-fundraising charity awards show for Global Angels, a business showcase for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and the annual conference for the Builders Merchants Federation.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Masterclass

Miriam works with audiences from the stage, teams during her masterclasses, and individuals through her coaching sessions to support and develop the impact they can make through any formal presentation, or informal communication situation. She enables people to champion their core messages with commitment and authenticity to create a solid foundation for taking anyone's speaking and verbal communication to the next level.

She explores topics including:

  • Body language perceptions
  • Having a conversation with an audience
  • Structuring a presentation for maximum impact
  • Accessing unlimited confidence at any time
  • Creating rapport and building a genuine connection with the audience
  • Powerful language patterns
  • Integration and delivery of metaphors and analogies
  • Advanced story-telling
  • Taking people on an emotional journey
Juliet Scott - BUPA

Everyone loved Miriam's session at the conference and keeps talking about what she said. Pitched perfectly, the experience was both enlightening and fun and we have all come away with an enhanced mental toolkit which will help us as communications professionals.

Juliet Scott, Head of Internal Communications, Bupa International

Alana Renner - Post Office

Miriam quickly grasped the challenges facing the executive team and senior managers, ahead of preparing them for a series of face to face events. The extra confidence her coaching sessions gave to presenters helped them deliver a very successful series of events covering complex issues.

Alana Renner, Head of Communications, Post Office Ltd

Birgit Rusten, FutureBuilt

It was a great experience preparing my conference speech with Miriam's coaching. She helped me fine-tune what my story was really about, finding the colourful details that made each message come alive. I recommend her to everybody who wants to become a better speaker!

Birgit Rusten, CEO, FutureBuilt

Jill Leake, mclcreate

The feedback on Miriam's keynote speech at our conference has been great and everyone loved the fact that they were learning rather than just being told, something which the storytelling played a really big part in.

Jill Leake, Client Development Director, mclcreate

Jean Paul, Germanwatch

Miriam was simply amazing delivering her 'Presentation Skills' session for our Young Leaders Programme today! One key focus was her talk about confidence and how this is connected to our emotions, brain and imagination. Really great learning.

Jean Paul Brice Affana, Policy Advisor, Germanwatch

Open eXchange
Marks & Spencer
Royal Bank of Scotland
Grant Thornton
Royal Mail

Mind Resources

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Communication Skills video

Be more Effective

We all respond very differently to the messages we hear and are exposed to. Whether you're an employee or a boss, we all need to ensure that team members and customers receive our communication as intended. The most successful organisations invest in up-skilling their people to have more effective conversations.

Leading on Purpose

Make a Difference

It's no secret that employees who are strongly engaged within a company are more productive and stay for longer. So if we want committed employees we must start by giving them something to which they can commit. Giving your people the vision, constant recognition and encouragement to live their ‘why’ is how to successfully lead.

Leadership story-telling

Once upon a time

Storytelling is a way to communicate themes and concepts that connect at a deep emotional level. The power that stories have is wonderful. They add colour and vibrancy to support facts. They make it easy to get ideas across. And as a leader, one of your most important ambitions is that those who support you can pass the message on.

Getting to the core of what encapsulates the unique value that you deliver, is the secret to effective communication.

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Miriam Staley

Leading Topics

Confident communication; presentation skills for impact; managing difficult conversations; the mindset for successful leadership.

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